Department of abolishing the deviant and misguided sects

The following are the tasks undertaken in this department

  • Organizing public meetings and events in the rural and urban areas for the deviant misguided sects affected areas.
  • Meeting directly with the Sunni Muslims who have joined these gumraah () sects (like the Jamaatul Muslimeen, the Munkireen e Hadis, Qadiyaniayt, the       fitna of Shakeel bin Haneef, the Siddeeq Deendaar) to brainwash,        persuade and convince them to return back to the truth.
  • Making trips to the rural areas affected by Christianity and Qadiyaniyat and raise awareness among the Muslims present there and furthermore       organizing a day or few days’ tarbiyat
  • Providing literature in local languages to the affected Christianity and qadiyaniyat
  • Arranging the constructions of Masajid when and where needed in the rural areas.
  • Arranging lectures by the senior, experienced and specialist ‘ulama for the newly passed out graduates of the Madaris in order to make them perfect in       countering and abolishing of the deviant and misguided sects (firqae      zaalah).
  • Arranging and collecting data and material regarding qadiyaniyat, Christianity, ShakeelbinHaneef, JamaatulMuslimeen and etc.