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It is but a reality that the success of mankind and especially that of the Muslim ummah is completely relied and dependent solely on the practice and implementation of the blessed Shariah Mutahharah. Unless the practice and implementation of deen and Shariah aren’t withhold too, there is no question of attaining success in this worldly life nor can it be assumed to attain the success and benefits of the Hereafter. In the early days of Islam, the blessed Sahabah RZ accomplished their glorified and successful ranks solely because of their continuous hard work of practicing on this blessed deen. And in the present time, what we witness today, the deteriorating and degrading condition of the Muslims is only/solely because of the fundamental and crucial fact of neglecting and being away from deen and Shariah.

Today, this level of aversion and loathing from deen among the Muslims is at its peak. Every aspect of life is succumbing to chaos and corruption, be it worldly affairs or community affairs or ethics or even worship, all have been intensely impacted with irreligiousness. And in terms of marital and family life, the Muslims have kept the laws of Shariah on the shelves. The youth and the general Muslims are unaware of the beneficial and constructive rights that the Shariah has designed for family life and for the husband and wife relationship. The correct and beneficial way to solve disputes and if at all the need of talaaq arises then what is the correct and true procedure and process. Many Muslims have now been accustomed to giving threats of talaaq for petty, unimportant and insignificant issues and matters; little annoyance and minor disputes are leading to talaaq. And when the issue of talaaq does arise, it is assumed that three are to be said and this abuse and misuse of talaaq has caused devastation, destruction and ruining of numerous happy families. And instead of approaching the Daar ul Qaza courts, the disputing families go to the courts and police stations for resolving their disputes and issues which results in financial losses and emotional distress. And the extent of ignorance and deeni illiteracy is such that in many villages and rural areas, the Muslims their even after saying three talaaq, still live as husband and wife; the condition of the villages and rural areas in indeed deplorable and terrible. And because of unawareness, ignorance and illiteracy of knowledge of deen and Shariah, many have adopted to the unlawful and illegitimate marriage between an uncle and his niece (). Many Muslims involve in attending and participating in the rituals and festivities of the non-Muslims and this has reached such an extent that they even participate in the solely idolatrous worshipping festivals and also go to temples and worship too. In many villages and towns there are Masajids but are deserted and some villages and towns do not have them at all and in them the Muslims lead lives akin to the non-Muslims and there is no arrangement at all to have the Muslim children educated in the Holy Qur’an and deeniyat. And because of this aversion from and deeni knowledge and ‘ilm, the students attending the schools and colleges are now becoming the victim of irtedaad and apostasy.

The condition of Muslim children attending these expensive missionary schools is much worse. The rich families are content and happy by paying huge amounts of money for admissions and then surrendering their children to the Christians and think that their children will have the better future when the fact actually is that these Christian teachers actually instill hatred and renounce for Islam.

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The matter of great concern here is that the modern educated youth are easily falling victim to these futile, false and wrong concepts, the misguided ideas and beliefs. And the result is that many youths of the city of Hyderabad, who lacked deeni environment and the social companionship of the ‘ulama have easily fallen victim and are inspired by these deviant and misleading and wrong sects, groups and associations. The JamaatulMuslimeen, the MunkireeneHadis, Qadiyaniyat, the fitna of ShakeelbinHaneef, the SiddeeqDeendaar etc. are some of the groups and sects with which the modern educated Muslim youths have knowingly and unknowingly been inspired and also have joined. Apart from this,there is a need of a team of the graduates of the Madaris, who are well equipped with the required deeni knowledge and are capable enough and are well versed with the contemporary style of the modern world and have knowledge of the modern languages and are familiar to the intellectual, moral and ethical errors and wrongs, to undertake, seize, confront, engage and tackle the ever arising fitne and to the challenges brought up the western world. They should also be well versed and have a keen eye on the ideologies and concepts of the other world religions too; in short there is a major need for a body to curb all these weaknesses and fragilities. So in these contexts and taking in account these diverse objectives, HazratMuftiShahMuhammadNawalUrRahmanSahab(DamatBarakatuhum) has established Shariah Board of India in Hyderabad a little over five years ago. Hazrat is a well-known, highly respected and prominent scholar.He is well known, reputable, trusted and loved among the general masses and the ‘ulamakiraam alike. Hazrat is among those ‘ulama of the country that have a strong and deep understanding of the knowledge of Islam and has deep affiliation and connection with the pious predecessors, a profound insight of the modern world and immense yearning for the dawah (spreading of the message of Islam) and for the islaah (spiritual reformation) of the Muslims populace. Hazrat having spent a considerable amount of time in America has lead him to understand and get to know first-hand the modern ideologies and wrong concepts. He also has vast experience in removing and eradicating the misconceptions, suspicions and doubts about Islam brought up by the western educated Muslims. Apart from the misconceptions and wrong ideologies at the international level, Hazrat also has great insights on the ever emergingfitne () and the (gumraah/) misguidedsects. He has great mastery in benefitting and complying, relating and resolving the ever emerging and oncoming issues and trending problems in light of the Holy Qur’an and the Sunnah. HazratMuftiSahab had long desired to establish an organization that would strive and work to accomplish the task of guiding the Muslim ummahin their issues and problems faced in the numerous varying fields, and which would help amend and eradicate the distortions and deteriorations in the knowledge of Islam and in the practical life of a Muslim; the establishment of ‘Shariah Board of India’ is a practical interpretation of his dream.