Department of Specializations (for the graduates of the Madaris)

The following are the tasks undertaken in this department

  • Fulfilling the lack of leadership crisis in the Muslim ummah and taking effective steps to structure and organize a department that specializes in           creating and developing leadership qualities in the ‘ulama and in which         also is a specialization that educates them about world politics.
  • Encouraging and emboldening the ‘ulama to take up and adopt various subjects relating to political sciences like comparative study of modern and     Islamic politics, the different political systems of the world, and the rules             and guidelines of leadership in Islam.
  • Structuring and creating a two-year course designed for the graduates of Madaris on developing, inculcating and attaining perfection in the English       language and computer sciences.
  • Establishing a specialization department for the graduates of the Madaris who are willing to work on countering and reformation of the firqa e      zaalah.

Now the need of the hour in the Muslim community is create ‘ulama who          will be experts in the field of Tafseer, especially those who can work on the            task of relating the knowledge of Tafseer to the present day age and this has      become the most left out and far behind sector. With this in mind, a   dedicated department of this field should be created.